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CODEPENDENCY: When caring too much becomes a trap

Understand how change works and become an expert at helping clients make life-enhancing changes

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Codependency, and the enabling that accompanies it, is one of the most challenging issues for addictions counsellors. Well-meaning spouses and relatives may unintentionally hamper an addict's progress toward recovery,  making it easier for them to remain in their addiction, and even be so overly focused on the addict that they can become part of the problem themselves. 

In this course, you will learn how being obsessed with trying to control the chaos an addict may be creating can become an addiction in its own right. Dozens of similar characteristics between addicts and codependents are highlighted, making it clear that codependency can become a serious addiction if it is not dealt with or arrested. 

This is an excellent course for counsellors who deal with family members whose attempts to control the addict's behavior create more problems than they solve. 

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Learning Objectives For This Course

At the end of this course, participants will:

  1.  Understand the concept of codependency as it relates to someone who is in relationship with an addict.
  1. Explain why codependency is a process addiction and why it can be as serious as a person's addiction to substances.
  1. List the various ways that the disease of codependency parallels addiction.
  1. Gain an understanding about what a codependent must do to overcome their problem.
  1. Explain why a codependent can hamper the recovery of the person who has an addiction.
  1. Summarize why it is challenging to convince codependents they have a problem they need to address.
  1. Understand how addicts may attempt to deflect responsibility for their recovery onto codependents.
  1. Name the three important principles that codependents must embrace in order to be healthy when in relationship with an addict.

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Sample of course material

In this short course we will examine codependency through the lens of how people who are in relationship with an addict can become sick themselves. By the time you finish, you will have no doubt about how easily this can happen; why people who suffer from codependency need treatment just as much as addicts do; and how insidious and devastating this affliction is. 

Codependency remains extremely difficult to treat because of the challenge of breaking through the denial codependents have about their disease. Most addictions counselors will say it is much more difficult to convince codependents they need treatment than it is to convince addicts. In part, that is because the addict can readily see the damage they are causing themselves when they drink excessively or inject powerful narcotics into their body. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to convince a codependent the behaviors they are engaged in, such as caretaking or trying to minimize the chaos addicts create, are as dysfunctional and unhealthy as those of the addict and often do more harm than good. 

The goal here is to give you the tools you need to break through the denial of codependents, thus giving them the powerful insights they need to understand they have a problem and build up the determination to overcome it. You will learn that the diseases of addiction and codependency actually mirror each other. The material contained in this course should make it clear that codependency is a serious addiction in itself, and people who suffer from it are just as sick as the addicts they are trying to control.  In addition to informing codependents of the need to address their disease, the material also has significant implications for recovering addicts in relationship with them.  It is important addicts understand how their family and others ...

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