Getting It Straight


Since the beginning of colonization in the 16th century addiction has taken a devastating toll on Indigenous people and their communities. While there are plenty of addiction treatment out there, not many are created to help Indigenous people overcome the unique challenges they face when they enter into recovery and attempt to overcome their core issues. Getting It Straight was designed by an addictions counsellor who has spent over 20 years working with Indigenous clients and/or living with them. The program is similar to "The Matrix" but with modules designed to tackle many of the primary issues Native people face such as grieving, colonization, trauma and spirituality. This program can be delivered online one on one or we can also come into your community and deliver the treatment program onsite which would be followed by ongoing weekly support recovery sessions. 

Getting It Straight


Most people who start an addiction recovery program don’t really understand to what extent their perceptions, values, thinking patterns and emotional coping strategies have been compromised and distorted by addiction. Consequently, their journey back to health and happiness often fall short of full recovery because they don’t understand just how profoundly they were affected. Many of them are often barely hanging on to their sobriety, have gone back into using or are still clean and sober but are not as happy as they had hoped for and/or still carry unresolved issues and trauma.

The program is much more extensive and longer lasting than anything else ever developed. The entire program lasts one year. It begins with 20 weeks of one on one counselling followed by 32 weeks of weekly support recovery meetings. Clients are supported long enough for them to learn the skills they need to break free of their addiction AND learn how to establish a lifestyle that supports their recovery. Most residential addiction treatment programs send people home after a few weeks only to see them relapse within a few months. Clients in our program are supported for as long as they need (several years if desired) to ensure that they firmly establish a recovery lifestyle and work on the long terms issues and changes that will take their recovery beyond mere sobriety into real life-changing healing and growth.

In addition to being designed for Indigenous clients with extra modules on grieving, trauma, colonization, residential school and spirituality, it also offers the convenience of either delivering the program to one person at a time or coming to your community to deliver the program should you have a group of people who could benefit from going through the program together.  This is often a good option for communities who have a huge waitlist of people waiting for treatment due to the backlog created by the COVID pandemic. 




Program Length: 4 weeks

Group Counselling: Included

One on One Counselling: Not included
Family/couples counselling: Not Included
Must leave home and work to attend treatment

Life long access to addiction resources and support: Not Included

Relapse Stats:  80% relapse rate within 2 months of completing program

Cost: $15,000-$30,000 per month

Program Length: 1 year
Group Counselling: Included
One on One Counselling: Included
Family/couples counselling: Included
Remain at home and work while attending treatment

Life long access to addiction resources and support: Included

Success Stats: Over 70% still clean and sober after 3 years

Cost: $7500 for one full year

One On One Counselling


On-Going Support




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Program Outline

Getting It Straight

Program Curriculum

Module One

The True Nature of Addiction

Module Two

Defining Addiction

 Module Three

The Phases of Recovery

Module Four

The Process of Change

 Module Five

Learning To Feel Again

Module Six

Reclaiming Our Feelings

Module Seven

Addiction and Colonization

Module Eight

Addiction and Spirituality

Module Nine

Breaking Through Denial

Module Ten

Mending Broken Bonds

Module Eleven

Mending Broken Bonds Part II

Module Twelve

Trauma in Recovery

Module Thirteen

Trauma in Recovery Part II

Module Fourteen

Grief in Recovery

Module Fifteen

Grief in Recovery Part II

Module Sixteen

Preventing Relapse

 Module Seventeen

Building a Strong Recovery

Module Eighteen

Strong Recovery Part II

Module Nineteen

Strong Recovery Part III

Module Twenty

How Addiction Affects Families

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