GETTING IT STRAIGHT: Addiction Recovery Done Right

This 330 page workbook is at the core of the Next Step program. It is a comprehensive 2nd stage treatment program for people who have either achieved sobriety and want to take their recovery to the next level or for people who wish to do more than simply quit an addiction and resolve the issues that have caused them to turn to addiction in the first place. 

The Getting It Straight program is unique because it helps people discover the reason they've turned to addiction and dismantle the cognitive and emotional patterns that have kept them trapped in the cycle of addiction. By doing this, they stand a much better chance of breaking free of addiction and regaining true health. 

What the Next Step Program is...

The Next Step program is a combination 2nd stage addiction treatment program followed by on-going aftercare. Both parts are equally important for their own reasons.


In order to overcome an addiction, clients must understand and address the internal processes that have kept their addiction alive. They can do this by gaining insight into how their beliefs and their dysfunctional relationship to their feelings have hard-wired them to rely on mood-altering to cope with stress and feelings that make them uncomfortable. Simply quitting the behavior of using (which is as far as most addiction treatment goes) does nothing to address the internal processes that keep addiction alive. Based in proven Cognitive Behavioral principles, the Getting It Straight program helps clients overcome their addiction by: 

  1. Teaching them why addiction can never be overcome by simply quitting. The key to success is addressing the forces that fuel addiction. Quitting is only the first step on a very long journey.
  2. Giving them skills and insights so that they can break their impulsive tendencies.
  3. Helping them identify what is at the core of their addiction and what emotional pain or traumatic experiences they have been trying to medicate away. 
  4. Teaching them why recovery from addiction is a multi-year process that requires a lot of work and dedication to overcome.
  5. Supporting them as they develop a comprehensive aftercare program that will help them address the core issues they have identified and helping them establish a lifestyle that will support their recovery for the rest of their lives. 


Once clients have completed the Getting It Straight program, they are funneled into a weekly aftercare group where the focus is on working the aftercare plan they developed during the treatment phase of the program. Ongoing aftercare has been missing from most addiction treatment programs and is one of the main reasons the success rate of people attempting recovery is so low. On-going support is important for the following reasons:

  1. Recovery from addiction is a multi-year process. Clients need to have support to stay focused on their recovery long enough to gain sufficient experience, skills, confidence and strength to handle any challenge they may face.
  2. All addicts are conditioned to seek "quick fixes" or "instant gratification." Clients need help in identifying such conditioning.
  3. Addicts have deeply buried aspects of their addiction that will cause them to relapse if unattended. Clients need assistance in staying the course to discover and deal with these aspects.

By combining both in-depth treatment with an on-going aftercare program, people attempting to overcome their addiction can get the knowledge, insight, skills and assistance they need to firmly establish a lifestyle that will support ongoing growth and life-long recovery from addiction. 

Offering this program in your practice

Counsellors who wish to offer this treatment program to their clients can purchase a license for their own clinic or practice. The license is good for life and includes free updates to the manuals and any new videos that may be added to the video library that comes with the program. Once you purchase a license, you will receive a kit which includes:

  • One Facilitator's Manual: It includes all the information you need to offer this program in your own practice. 
  • 6 Getting It Straight workbooks: for clients who will be taking this program through your practice. 
  • 1 box of videos: These videos are part of the curriculum for the Getting It Straight program. 
  • 1 package of Getting It Straight Certificates of Completion
  • Access to the online version of the Getting It Straight program: for clients who wish to watch the videos online or for your clients who are working through the program remotely. 

COST: $2500.00


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