Next Step

The most important factors that will determine if someone is successful in overcoming an addiction is if they can overcome the issues that have propelled their addiction and if they have the support they need for long enough to finally break free of the lifestyle and patterns that have kept them trapped in an endless cycle of struggling and relapses. Next Step is an comprehensive aftercare program for those who have either been to treatment or who have some clean time accumulated and are now ready to tackle the issues that have fueled their recovery. This 20 week program helps people in recovery uncover and deal with the underlying causes of their addiction and supports them for long enough to make the changes needed to fully break free of their addictive behaviors. 

Street Talk

Between the risk of getting caught up in addiction, the opioid crisis and the legalization of marijuana, the need for teenagers to make good choices about drugs is more crucial than ever. Good decisions are only possible when someone has access to all the facts and can weigh the pros and cons about something. When it comes to drugs, youth today are bombarded with a lot of “pro-drug” messaging and what is often missing from that conversation is where it can all lead.

In this short course, we’ve assembled a series of testimonials from people who got caught up in addiction and wound up hopelessly addicted to drugs, living on the streets and/or ruining their lives. What they share is that it all started with smoking marijuana, drinking and partying as teenagers and never thinking that it would ever lead to where they are today.

The course is made up of video clips each accompanied by a short quiz which must be answered correctly in order to progress through the course which forces participants to pay attention. The program also includes a comprehensive analysis of the participants answers so that parents, educators and counsellors can identify any lingering areas of concern that might need to be addressed once the course is over.

Next Step is both a 2nd Stage Treatment Program and a Support Recovery Program all in one!

What is a 2nd Stage Treatment Program?

2nd Stage Treatment Programs Support Recovery Programs are essentially the same thing because they both take recovering addicts to the next step in their healing journey.  During the initial phase of treatment, which is often 4-8 weeks in a residential treatment program, participants are basically detoxed so that they can begin to accumulate some clean time and taught some skills to avoid relapses. However this initial period of healing is only the first step on the journey back to health. Unless recovering addicts are given the opportunity to heal the issues that have caused them to become addicted in the first place, they will likely simply relapse within a few weeks of leaving the residential treatment program. The Next Step program helps participants heals those issues, break the emotional and psychological patterns that have kept their addiction alive and also supports them for long enough that their new healthy behaviors become sufficiently well established that they actually have a good chance at remaining clean and sober for the rest of their lives. 

Phases of Recovery


Phase 1: Putting the plug in the jug

Initial phase of recovery. Getting clean time, learning some healthy skills. Time frame: 0-3 months

Residential Treatment Program, One on One counselling, self directed.

Phase 2:Establishing a healthy lifestyle

Continue work began in Phase 1 plus establish a healthy lifestyle to promote long-term recovery. Time frame: 0-24 months

Next Step Program, weekly support group, 12 steps and other self -help programs

Phase 3: Underlying issues

Continue with work started in Phase 1 & 2 and begin to deal with underlying issues that fueled addiction such has unhealthy unconscious patterns and unresolved issues such as grief, trauma, dysfunctional childhood, etc.

Next Step Program, one on one counselling, support groups


How our program works

  • Communities or organizations interested in offering this program to their employees or members, purchase a license to deliver this program using their own counsellors
  • The program include 10 copies of  the 325 page Getting It Straight workbook,  a library of over 15 videos on addiction & recovery and support and training for your staff who deliver the program. Additional workbooks are available as new participants join your group. 
  • The program is divided into 20 modules. How quickly you go through those modules is up to you. We recommend 10-20 weeks depending on what works best for your organization 
  • Once the 2nd stage treatment program is complete and participants are done working through the 20 modules, the group shifts to weekly support meetings where participants are supported to implement the changes the needed changes. These weekly support groups can run for as long as they are needed. We recommend at least one year 
  • Participants can renew their attendance in these groups indefinitely which allows them to access ongoing support for as long as they need
  • The license to deliver this program includes all updates to the program, including new videos, in perpetuity. 

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