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Who am I?

I am a certified clinical counsellor with 25 years experience in addiction & mental health who specializes in working with Indigenous communities. I have been a counselling instructor at Nechi, a keynote speaker at international conferences on addiction, and lived and worked in Indigenous communities for many years. I am also a published author on addiction and have filled in for people like Dr Gabor Matte. I spent 20 years giving Indigenous youth tours to talk to homeless and drug addicted people to give them a reality check about where addiction can lead and have developed numerous resources and programs specifically for Indigenous communities. I am often flown into Indigenous communities in times of crisis as I am very familiar with the unique challenges Indigenous communities have to contend with. In most of the Indigenous communities I visited, I almost always get booked for follow up visits. I am available for NAAW presentations, cultural camps, healing fairs and other special events. 

List of workshops & Presentations

Colonization: The root of most problems in Indigenous Communities

In this workshop participants will learn that the problems their community is facing was caused by colonization. Issues such as high addiction rates, high poverty rates and high suicide rates are all the repercussions of colonization and it’s important to speak about them in those terms for 2 reasons. The first is because it places the blame where it belongs: On the colonizers and this is important because it helps Native people feel better about themselves and also puts pressure on mainstream society to take responsibility for what they have done. The second is because it affects about we think about the solution to the problems. If colonization caused loss of culture and loss of culture causes, for example, addiction, then communities should implement addiction programs that promote reconnection to culture as a core component of healing. This is an excellent workshop for communities who wish to gain clarity about colonization. implement programs that addresses the root cause of problems and empower themselves to address the issues facing them. 

Grief and Loss: Understanding The Grief Process and Special Considerations for Indigenous People

This workshop teaches participants about the grief process and helps them gain insight into the unique challenges Indigenous people face in regards to grieving. A talking circle is held after the information is presented. This workshop is very useful for people with overwhelming grief issues and who could benefit from understanding more clearly how they may be able to work through their healing process.

Trauma: Simple Techniques To Overcome Yours

Trauma can be very difficult to live with but there are relatively simple ways that people can lessen it’s impact. In this workshop participants will learn what those techniques are and how that can improve their lives. While this is not a workshop where people will be asked to talk about their trauma, participants will gain a lot of insight about how they can manage it and perhaps even overcome it.

Addiction & Recovery: Understanding Their True Nature

In this informative workshop participants will learn gain insight about what addiction really is and how to overcome it. They will learn what controls their addiction and what they need to do and heal to overcome it. They will also learn about the Phases of Recovery and what tasks they must accomplish at each phase to move onto the next one.

Scared Straight

This presentation, which is primarily targeted at youth, is a hard hitting reality check about the dangers of addiction. Drawing from 20 years of taking youth through the worst drug infested ghetto in North America, I will share videos, pictures and stories about where making the wrong choices can lead. This presentation is sure to make anyone re-evaluate the harmlessness of using or experimenting with any mood-altering substances. 


Having been a counselling instructor at the Nechi Institute and trained as a clinical supervisor, I am available to train your staff in a number of different  ways. I am available for one-time training events and on-going training and mentoring of staff. Below is a list of the trainings I provide. 

  • Developing Professionalism
  • Proper Case Management
  • Suicide Assessment
  • Crisis Management
  • Basic and Advanced Addictions Counselling
  • Developing Positive Therapeutic Alliances
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Current Issues with Street Drugs

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