Getting It Straight Suitability Questionnaire

This short questionnaire will help determine if you are a suitable candidate for this program. Simply choose the answer that comes closest to what the truth is for you.

Do you believe you have a substance use issue that needs to be dealt with?
If you have a problem, are you completely ready to tackle it?
Are you prepared to quit using all mood altering substances?
What kind of treatment program are you looking for?
This program takes 4-6 hours a week for the first 16 weeks. Are you prepared to put in that much time?
Every week you will have homework and other tasks to perform. Are you ready to complete all the work assigned each week?
This program is one year long. It starts with 16 weeks of one on one counselling and is followed by 36 weeks of group work. Are you ready to commit to all of that?
In this program you will be required to go to local support group meetings, take full ownership of the harm your addiction has caused and agree to be accountable to others regarding your commitment to recovery. Are you prepared to do all of these things?
In this program, you will be working from home and meet with your counsellor online once or twice a week. Therefor this program requires a high degree of motivation. Do you think you have the motivation to be successful using this format?
This program is delivered online. Do you have a reliable internet connection and computer and a suitable space to do your work?